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Medical negligence (or clinical negligence as it’s known) can be utterly devastating, not just for the victim, but for the family too. At a time when you should be able to put your trust in the doctors and medical experts taking care of your loved ones, you are facing the consequences of a life-changing event […]
“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” is a good quotation from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, but unfortunately, where a Will is ambiguous or where it is in part silent, a person’s executors cannot just declare this and instead they must make an application to the Court for the formal construction or interpretation of […]
“It’s just banter, mate!” If you work in any kind of environment, from an office to a building site, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘banter’. It’s that humorous back and forth we all use to make the day a little brighter, to have a laugh with our colleagues, and to generally brighten up the […]
A specialist Gateshead-based publisher is moving into a new era both in print and online after the successful completion of a management buy-out. Kingfisher Media publishes a growing portfolio of more than 70 high-quality visitor guides to cities and regions around the UK and Ireland, working with four and five-star accommodation providers to make them […]
Our Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury teams are delighted to provide their continued support to the Spinal Injuries Association (‘SIA’). The SIA is the leading national user-led spinal injuries charity. The charity supports anyone who has been touched by spinal cord injury, working to enable people to live a fulfilled life after injury. Clare Thompson, […]
Earlier this year, I reported on the case of Vigne v HMRC. The case involved a claim for Business Property Relief (“BPR”) by Mrs Vigne’s executors on a livery. By way of recap, BPR is an inheritance tax relief available at a rate of up to 100% on a trading business. BPR is not available […]
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