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The substantial increase in property values that we’ve experienced over the last few decades and the increasing age profile of the UK population has meant that issues around Inheritance Tax are seldom far from the news headlines. One of the most important recent developments in the field, – and one which hasn’t yet had a […]
Since I reported in 2017 on the case of Davies v Davies we have seen a continued increase in claims of proprietary estoppel involving family farms. Known as the “Cowshed Cinderalla” case in the media, Davies v Davies involved a claim on the family farm by one of three daughters. During her time in employment […]
It is a growing trend within farming businesses to diversify away from traditional agricultural activities on the farm, in order to generate more income streams and spread the risk of a ‘bad year’, whether this be in relation to livestock or crops. The extremes of the severe snow during lambing earlier in the year compared […]
Incidents of workplace bullying are at an all-time high and according to ACAS, the financial impact of bullying related absenteeism, from loss of turnover and productivity, equates to billions per year! Bullying and harassment creates an unhappy and unproductive workplace with the result being that employers may have: poor morale and employee relations; a loss […]
We have rewarded four young lawyers’ for all their hard work and dedication by taking them on as solicitors after they completed their training contracts. Jeremy Nash, Rebecca Weir, Tom Clarke and Sophie Allinson have all completed a training programme which involved spending four blocks of six months, working alongside experienced practitioners, in different departments within […]
As has been well covered in the media, the Government has recently published its response to consultations to reform aspects of insolvency law and corporate governance. A great deal of thought has clearly gone into developing its reform proposals, including those concerning the creation of a new moratorium period for financially distressed (but ultimately viable) […]
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