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Bad weather planning will pay off for businesses

19 Dec 2013

With the ever present threat of harsh weather, UK businesses are likely to lose millions of working hours due to employees not turning in for work.

But despite many businesses suffering drastic cuts in output or reduced opening hours caused by staff absence, too many employers get caught out each year by the bad weather.

As employees are not legally entitled to receive payment if not at work, they are not entitled to be paid if they fail to get to work due to travel disruption. But having a clear adverse weather and journey into work policy in place can help avoid confusion and disagreements with staff, by setting out the steps employees should take to get to work and what will happen if they are late or do not attend.

Sarah Furness, Associate Solicitor at Hay & Kilner commented: “The important thing is to have a policy in place, make sure everyone knows and understands what it covers, and then make sure that it is applied fairly and consistently. It’s no good having a clear policy for all employees and then giving one employee a sympathetic nod, but penalising another.”

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She added: “Employees shouldn’t be pressurised into risking their safety to get to work. And it’s always worth remembering that making a payment where people were genuinely unable to get to work, may be a bigger boost to business once the snow has cleared.”

For further information please contact Sarah Furness on 0191 232 8345 or email: Sarah.Furness@hay-kilner.co.uk