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Lauren Hall, Solicitor in our Clinical Negligence Team, acted on behalf of our client who was awarded £30,000 after her dentist failed to diagnose and treat gum disease. Our client was a patient of her dentist for over 10 years. She regularly attended appointments and was often reassured that her dental hygiene was good. In […]

The BBC found itself in a media storm last month, following the publication of salaries paid to its highest-earning stars, which revealed that only one-third of its 96 top earners were women, and the top seven were all men. Since then, the staff at the Financial Times have threatened to strike over the paper’s reported […]

Many of our clients now own foreign assets, particularly foreign property abroad. The rules of the country in which these assets are held can override the rules in England and Wales regarding who they pass to and in what proportions. In some jurisdictions, these succession rules can even affect the appointment of executors. A Will […]

Jan Rzedzian, an Associate Solicitor in our Construction Team, looks at the law on contractual penalties. A century has now passed since the Dunlop case was first decided, and inevitably questions as to the continued applicability of the “Dunlop principles” in today’s modern commercial world have been asked. A chain of legal cases has shown that […]

The Supreme Court has today ruled that tribunal fees in employment cases are unlawful. The introduction of fees in 2013 saw a 70% reduction in claims, estimated to be around 200,000 cases. The intention was to reduce the number of unmeritorious claims and to encourage early settlement. However, the Supreme Court has today held that […]

Farmers and rural landowners can become complacent about the security of firearms and don’t often appreciate the potential consequences. This area of the law is varied and complex, ranging from offences of illegal possession through to criminal use of a firearm, which can carry significant sentences. There is one standard application form to be used […]

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