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The sudden placing of British Steel into compulsory liquidation is deeply worrying, not only for its employees and customers, but also to the thousands of other businesses in its supply chain, many of whom are owed very substantial amounts and will be concerned as to when, or indeed if, they will be paid. It is […]
When separating one of the main concerns for parents can be the impact any separation will have on their children.  It is of course an extremely challenging time and any parent will tell you that looking after children is hard enough; learning to parent separately is a whole new challenge.  You will suddenly face situations […]
Before dismissing an employee who has committed gross misconduct, it is essential that employers carefully consider whether the misconduct may have been caused by a disability. Failure to do so could result in an expensive and time consuming disability discrimination claim. For example, in one case an employee who suffered from a paranoid schizophrenic illness […]
The obstacles to first-time buyers holding the key to their first home are often discussed at length in the media, not least with the uncertainty of Brexit looming all around us. So with this in mind, should first-time buyers be abandoning their dreams of owning their very own property without a substantial gift from the […]
When taking Will instructions from clients, most of them have already thought about who they would like to inherit their wealth on their death; this usually being the immediate family, their partners perhaps in the first instance with substitute provisions in favour of children or grandchildren.  It may be that they have in mind wider […]
What is adverse possession? The principle of adverse possession allows a person occupying land which belongs to someone else to acquire the legal title to that land. Commonly described as ‘squatter’s rights,’ case law has allowed successful claims by those who have planted flowers and grazed animals on another’s land. On 13 October 2003 provisions […]
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