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Any company-organised office party, whether in or out of working hours and on or off site, is an extension of the workplace which can test a business across the board on its policies and attitudes. “It’s a test for the culture of the business and its employment policies,” explained Sarah Furness, employment expert with Hay […]
Studies have proven that the more diverse a businesses’ leadership team is, the easier it is to recruit and retain talent and attract a more diverse range of clients and customers. How can you achieve a diverse leadership team? Acknowledge the difference between diversity and inclusion. Diversity focuses on the makeup of your workforce by […]

HR Update 18 Nov 2019

CASE UPDATE: Conflicting protected characteristics? A doctor was dismissed from his role when he refused to refer to transgender individuals’ by their preferred pronouns and titles on the basis that it conflicted with his Christian faith. The Tribunal accepted that the doctor’s Christianity was a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. However it found […]
When someone dies, the way in which the Farmhouse is treated for claiming reliefs from Inheritance Tax can be very contentious. The two main reliefs are Agricultural Property Relief (“APR”) and Business Property Relief (“BPR”). If claimed successfully they can reduce the Inheritance Tax liability levied against the Farmhouse to zero. The key to successfully […]
Two young North East lawyers have been appointed as solicitors by regional law firm Hay & Kilner after successfully completing a two-year training programme. Abby Dorani and Tom Bridge have both undertaken four blocks of six months in different departments within the Newcastle-headquartered firm, which helped them gain a range of practical legal experience and […]
The phrase “conscious uncoupling” hit the spotlight in the aftermath of the breakup of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. It was used to describe a breakup or divorce that sought to avoid an acrimonious and contentious separation. Many family lawyers now see going to court to be completely unsuitable and outdated. Apart from incurring significant […]
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