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    Earlier this year DEFRA opened a consultation on the Lump Sum Exit Scheme. The intention of the scheme is to assist farmers who wish to retire by offering them a lump sum in lieu of the Basic Payments. The consultation, which closed on 11 August 2021, has received mixed reviews with a lot of commentary […]
    Navigating divorce proceedings is a difficult and emotionally-challenging enough process for any couple, but when set in the context of a farming business, its innate complexities can make things even more intense and problematic. While the same questions will get asked about the business assets owned by any divorcing couple, including who owns what, what […]
    A consultation on one of the key elements of the government’s Agricultural Transition Plan has begun – and the outcome looks likely to have a significant impact on the farming industry for decades to come. As part of the policy changes planned in the wake of the UK leaving the European Union and the phasing […]
    Following the UK’s departure from the EU and the end of the transition period at the end of 2020, how does EU law now operate in the UK? A limited range of EU law continues to apply in the UK under the terms of the withdrawal agreement, for example, in relation to citizens’ rights, separation […]
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