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Employment news update

13 Oct 2015

NEW: Travelling time is working time

The European Court of Justice has recently decided that time spent by workers travelling between their homes and the premises of their first and last customers’ of the day is “working time”. This case will apply to workers who don’t have a fixed place of work, such as sales reps, care workers, tradesmen etc.

Employers need to consider:

  • Whether “opt out” agreements are needed if “working time” will now exceed 48 hours per week.
  • The effect on rest breaks and rest periods.
  • The risk of workers claiming they are not receiving the national minimum wage if they are not currently paid for such travelling time.

National minimum wage increases

The following rates apply as of 1 October 2015:

  • Standard adult rate (21+): £6.70 per hour
  • Development rate (18-20): £5.30 per hour
  • Young workers rate (16-17): £3.87 per hour
  • Apprentice rate: £3.30 per hour