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HR Showcase is proudly presenting…

  • Date:18/10/2017
  • Time:08:30am - 10:30am
  • Venue:St James’ Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Big brother is watching”

This employment seminar, by way of role play, will focus on an investigation into complaints by an employee with an alleged disability involving:

  • Whether an employer has a “right to snoop” (by reference to the recent European Court of Human Rights case);
  • When the duty of “reasonable adjustments” arises and how it must be carried out;
  • What steps should be taken when another employee is at fault; and
  • How an employer establishes a defence that will stand up to scrutiny.

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Feedback from the previous seminar:

“Excellent format – much better than sitting through a set of PowerPoint slides covering the subject!”

“Very engaging, energetic and pitched at the right level.”

“Other seminars are just so boring in comparison to Hay & Kilner’s.”