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Help at hand for hard-pressed motorists

03 Apr 2014

Jonathan Pigford, Partner at Hay & Kilner looks at the options available to motorists who face disqualification or penalty points on their licence.

Times are being made tougher and tougher for modern motorists. The proliferation of speed cameras, mobile detector vans and signal cameras mean it is ever easier to inadvertantly fall foul of road traffic law.  Any motorist inadvertently caught out is likely to face at least 3pts on their licence and an increased fixed penalty of £100.

People who drive for a living, or who regularly cover long distances, can quickly find themselves in the awful position where they reach 12pts on their licence. Individuals then face a Court appearance with the prospect of disqualification for 6 months or more. Many people don’t realise they run the risk of losing their licence until it is too late.

At Hay & Kilner, we can help navigate the tortuous process of road traffic prosecutions from the initial letter from the police, to receiving a summons, and through to representation at court.

Alternatives to prosecution are often available in the form of driver awareness and / or improvement courses which, if successfully completed, don’t result in either prosecution or points appearing on your licence, helping to keep your insurance premiums down. We can help you resolve a ticket without the need to ever attend court.

If you do have to attend court, then we can present your case for you. If you face 12pts and disqualification, then the court can be asked to not ban you if it would cause “exceptional hardship”. This doesn’t just apply to you personally. We will assess your situation to try and establish special reasons for committing the offence or whether a family member would suffer exceptional hardship if you were disqualified from driving. Such applications are often successful. Sometimes a court can even be persuaded to ban you for only a few days if that is preferable to a full 6 months.

Don’t be put off by potential costs – if you stand to lose your licence, you could qualify for legal aid.

If you are worried about receiving a lengthy disqualification or penalty points on your licence, contact Jonathan Pigford. Call 0191 262 8231 or email: jonathan.pigford@hay-kilner.co.uk.