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How small & growing businesses can keep up with HR costs

25 Oct 2021

How can small and growing businesses keep up with their legal workplace responsibilities without breaking the bank?

As anyone who has started or runs a business will tell you, there are any number of different priorities that demand your time and resources.

With only so many hours in the day, and so much budget available to cover all costs, it’s natural that some areas are going to take clear precedence over others – and in my experience, one of those that often gets less attention that it ought to is human resources.

This tends to be particularly issue for businesses that don’t or can’t yet afford to have a dedicated HR function in place.

While other issues may feel more immediately pressing, there are significant risks involved with not giving your employee contracts and workplace policies proper attention.

For example, employees and workers have a legal right to be provided with a statement of their main terms on their first day in a new job, while failing to ensure that appropriate policies are in place to cover issues around performance management and workplace behaviour could leave you vulnerable to potentially costly problems that come back to bite you in the longer term.

Many issues can also arise with departing employees and/or their new employers due to a lack of clarity and precision in employment contracts, or indeed a lack of the necessary protection altogether, and litigation with ex-employees or competitors can extremely costly and time-consuming.

With this in mind, Hay & Kilner’s specialist employment law team has developed two new fixed-fee products which enable business owners to gain peace of mind and cover their legal obligations without facing unlimited costs for doing so.

Our new HR Solutions package offers template contracts and handbooks, access to legally-compliant workplace documents and the option of consultation with one of the team’s employment law specialists.


HR Update, Employment Law

All the ready-to-use documentation is drafted by lawyers and tailorable for clients’ individual needs, and is equally useful whether your business is just starting out or if you need to refresh the documents and procedures that you already have in place.

Running alongside this is HR Secure, which aims to ensure your employment contracts have clear, up to date and legally compliant business protection clauses within them to help safeguard your business and protect your workforce.

It offers a fixed-fee audit of the key ‘business protection’ elements of your employment documentation, including confidentiality provisions and restrictive covenants, and will also identify any area in your existing clauses that need attention, with fresh, up to date wording being provided where required that is tailored to your business needs.

Preventing problems with workplace documentation arising in the first place is always better, quicker and less costly than suddenly having to find a cure for them.

By providing essential documentation and legal expertise on a cost-effective, fixed-fee basis, HR Solutions and HR Secure offer business owners the protection and peace of mind they need to be able to concentrate on looking after their customers and securing commercial success.

For further information on Hay & Kilner Law Firm’s HR Solutions and HR Secure packages, please contact Tom Clarke on 0191 232 8345 or via tom.clarke@hay-kilner.co.uk.