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Jonathan StirlandFreelance Advocate


Jonathan is a highly experienced Police Station and Court Duty Solicitor. He has a reputation for robustly defending clients at the police station and at court. Jonathan has extensive court experience and legal knowledge which makes him a formidable advocate.

Notable cases that Jonathan has been involved in:

R v T (2015)

Jonathan successfully represented a Defendant charged with two sets of domestic abuse related offending. He successfully argued for the exclusion of evidence served late by the Prosecution and his advocacy ultimately resulted in the Defendant being acquitted at the conclusion of both sets of proceedings.

 R v R (2014)

Jonathan conducted a series of contested hearings on behalf of a defendant charged with offences said to have been racially motivated. A number of complex issues arose, causing the trial to be postponed and restarted during the Court process. Ultimately the Defendant was acquitted and cleared of any wrongdoing.