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Housing matters for Tenants

We have a specialist quality mark in housing from the Legal Services Commission meaning we can provide expert advice in all areas of housing law, and, if you are entitled, we can advise under the Legal Help scheme, or apply for a funding certificate to advise and represent you.

Rent Arrears

We regularly deal with tenants who fall into rent arrears for any number of reasons.  We can advise you on your rights and negotiate with your landlord regarding rent payments, and if necessary represent you in court proceedings should a claim for possession of your property be made because of rent arrears.


If your property is in disrepair this can affect your quality of life and your enjoyment of your home.  If your landlord refuses to carry out repairs then we can advise you and negotiate with your landlord and advise you on remedies, including obtaining a court order requiring your landlord to carry out certain works and whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Rehousing and homelessness

If you need to be rehoused by the Local Authority then we can advise you on the allocations procedure and, if necessary help you to challenge a banding decision.  If you are homeless then we can advise you on the obligations that the Local Authority will have towards you, and if necessary challenge their decisions. 

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASBIs, ASBOs and Court Proceedings)

If you have been accused of anti-social behaviour then contact us for advice.  You may be facing an acceptable behaviour agreement; possession proceedings; injunction proceedings or committal proceedings for breach of an injunction.  We are experts at advising you and representing you in court.

Neighbour problems

It can be a very distressing time if you have problems with your neighbours. Whether you own your property, are a private tenant, rent from the Council or Housing Association or under another arrangement contact us to get advice at an early stage.  We can help you and advise you on appropriate remedies and action that can be taken to solve the problem.  Expert advice is better than taking matters into your own hands which may only make matters worse.


If you are facing eviction, for whatever reason then contact us at the earliest opportunity.  Whether you have received a Notice of Seeking Possession, Court Proceedings or Notice of Eviction (bailiff’s appointment) it is not too late to speak to us. You stand a much better chance of keeping your home if you get expert legal advice.

Unlawful Eviction

If you have been unlawfully evicted from your property then contact us immediately.  We can advise you on your rights and if necessary make an application to Court requiring your landlord to let you back into your property.

Mortgage Arrears

Even if you own your home, things can sometimes be difficult, and if you are in arrears with your mortgage you could face losing your home. Contact us as soon as possible for advice on your options, and if required, representation in possession proceedings.  Remember that getting legal advice can often improve your chances of keeping your home.

For further information contact Sarah Barratt on 0191 2598225 or e-mail: sarah.barratt@hay-kilner.co.uk


  • "I instructed Michael to represent me during what initially seemed to be a simple conveyancing transaction but was in fact beset with problems generating from the sellers side. Throughout the process Michael listened to me, understood my own personal complexities that had to be taken into consideration and communicated with me throughout so I was never in the dark. I found Michael to be personable, polite, respectful and very thoughtful in his approach to assisting me and at every step I had absolute confidence that he was on my side and looking out for my interest. I really appreciate all Michaels help and understanding throughout a stressful process and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a competent professional solicitor to assist them with their property sale or purchase."


  • "I would like to say how impressed we have been with the incredibly high standards of service we have received. Every member of the team has been exceptionally efficient, while keeping a personal and friendly approach, with prompt and relevant responses. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone selling or buying a property. Many thanks for all your hard work."

    - Client of the Residential Property team

  • "We received an excellent personalised service when purchasing our new home. Colin Sim provided excellent advice and kept us relaxed through the whole process. We would most definitely recommend Hay & Kilner to anyone."

    - Client of Colin Sim

  • "I would like to say a big thank you to Lynn Liddle, Colin Sim and Raj Kaur. The communication channels and the time taken for the purchase combined with the level of service has been superb. Thank you very much for all your hard work."

    - Client of the Residential Property team