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What to expect in employment law in 2017?

15 Dec 2016

At the moment, very little!

April 2017: the National Minimum Wage is to increase as follows:

  • All employees aged 25 and over: £7.50 per hour
  • For employees aged 21-24: £7.05
  • Employees aged 18-20: £5.60
  • Young workers aged 16-17: £4.05
  • Apprentice’s rate: £3.50

April 2017: The Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations come into force for all organisations with 250+ employees. Employers will be required to publish information relating to employee pay and bonuses in 2018. Employers should take advice and start to take action in 2017 to ensure they are ready to meet the deadline.

Ongoing: We are expecting a consultation process to take place relating to the planned extension of Shared Parental Leave to grandparents.

Finally, it’s not yet clear what changes Brexit will bring, watch this space!

For further information or advice, please contact a member of our employment team.