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Probate & Estate Administration – Estates with Foreign Assets & Domicile

Owning an overseas holiday home in a sunny location or investing in foreign shareholdings which offer high returns are often a highlight and enjoyable luxury during a person’s lifetime. The importance of owning these assets should not be overlooked when planning for the future.

At Hay & Kilner we are experienced in advising clients seeking a Will who have assets of an international nature and ensuring that, where necessary, Wills in a different country are also prepared in order to fit in with a person’s succession planning here in the UK.

When someone passes away, it is often an overseas holiday home or foreign shares that cause bereaved families a problem when dealing with Probate & Estate Administration.

Our team is experienced in administering estates with foreign assets, executors based overseas and beneficiaries based in other countries. Our affiliation with both STEP and Eurojuris places us in the best position to assist in dealing with estates with international aspects, whilst our experience ensures that all elements of an international estate, and their interaction with English assets, are dealt with from a holistic position.


Your domicile status is relevant for Inheritance Tax purposes and there can be advantages if you are not domiciled in the UK.  This may be the case if either you or your parents are not originally from the UK or if you have permanently moved away from the UK. We can advise on your likely domicile status, how it can be changed and the ways to maximise any Inheritance Tax advantages of not being domiciled in the UK.

There may be adverse Inheritance Tax implications if a person domiciled in the UK intends to give assets to their spouse or civil partner either on death or during lifetime and that spouse or civil partner is not domiciled in the UK. If this is relevant to you we can advise on the Inheritance Tax implications of such gifts and the steps that can be taken to mitigate the Inheritance Tax.

For further information or advice, please contact Alison Hall on 0191 232 8345 or email Alison.Hall@hay-kilner.co.uk


  • "Every time I think of a lawyer I can only think of you Alison and Hay & Kilner!!! However both my wife and I look upon you as a friend more than a lawyer so many thanks for your help."

    - Client of Alison Hall

  • "As our legal adviser in relation to wills we found Alison Hall's service exceptional in terms of: her personal ease of engagement; her sensitivity to meeting our particular needs; her competence and her expression of integrity. We feel she is a very good ambassador for Hay & Kilner. We also found Alison's administrative staff, Louise Barnes and Elaine Knox particularly helpful."

    - Client of Alison Hall

  • "I have been a client of Hay & Kilner for many years. They have been unfailingly efficient, helpful and courteous."

    - Client of Hay & Kilner

  • "We have been happy with their depth and breadth of knowledge as well as their ability to understand where other professionals are coming from."

    - Chambers Guide

  • "Their performance has been very impressive. What I like most is that their advice is down to earth and practical."

    - Chambers Guide

  • "Hay & Kilner provides tax, corporate and commercial advice to clients, and has particular expertise in the surrender of Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies and the granting of farm business tenancies."

    - The Legal 500

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    - Client of Hay & Kilner

  • "We have been dealing with Hay & Kilner for many years and have always received excellent service and advice. We always make Hay & Kilner our first stop for our legal needs."

    - Clients of Hay & Kilner