In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to resolve disputes quickly and pragmatically is crucial. Hay & Kilner recognises the challenges faced by businesses when conflicts arise, including delays, increased costs, potential job losses, and even company failures. Our dedicated commercial mediation service is strategically designed to address these challenges head-on.

How we can help

One of the unique advantages of mediation over traditional court proceedings is the wide spectrum of outcomes which the participants can utilise, bringing a settlement that is truly unique to the parties' needs.

What is mediation?
Mediation is a structured form of negotiation in which a trained and independent outsider helps find a mutually satisfactory outcome for parties involved in a dispute. With mediation now firmly established as part of the legal landscape, courts actively encourage and look with favour on parties who are willing to try alternative dispute resolution.

Why should I choose it?
Mediation can offer outcomes far beyond the range of results a court can make in the resolution of a dispute through litigation. Normally, the only option for the court is to make an order that one party do pay money to the other and/or determine legal rights and duties. In contrast, utilising the benefits of confidentiality and building trust the parties come to their own agreement, crafting a resolution tailored specifically to the individual needs and circumstances of the involved parties.

Our costs
We offer five fixed fee packages ensuring you get the most cost-effective solution to accessing a mediator. Click here for further details.

Meet your mediator

Adam Chaffer, Associate & Mediator in Hay & Kilner's Dispute Resolution Team introduces himself and talks you through how commercial mediation works.

  • Property Disputes

    Property disputes including boundary, party walls, tree roots & subsidence can be among the most challenging issues that individuals face but often these disputes can be resolved through mediation shortly after an issue arises.

  • Business disputes

    Business disputes come in all shapes and sizes whether it be a board level dispute, dispute between decision makers and owners, disputes as to succession and issues relating to inter-company relations such as contracts. Avoiding expensive long term litigation can often be the difference between the success of a business and its undoing.

  • Construction & engineering disputes

    Construction projects tend to be long term ventures often involving multiple parties. Mediating construction disputes is often the best way of ensuring that the project can be progressed commercially whilst taking into account varying personalities and individual priorities.

  • Public & administrative disputes

    Mediations often occur in procurement disputes, or service level disputes or education matters involving national or local government and companies. Mediation is often a useful tool in balancing the needs of the parties when there are competing pressures which traditional litigation may not assist.

  • Workplace employee/employer relations disputes

    They say the dream works when the team works but often workplace disputes even at the most senior level arises because of a break down in relations. Timely intervention in these disputes through mediation can often maintain or recast relationships.

The overall result far exceeds what we realistically thought we would receive. We can't thank Adam enough for his time, effort and expertise throughout. It is very much appreciated.


Meet the team

Adam Chaffer

Adam Chaffer

Associate & Mediator

Adam is a pragmatic, commercially minded dispute resolution practitioner with a focus predominantly in construction and contractual dispute but also has an interest in and media, privacy and communication disputes.

adam.chaffer@hay-kilner.co.uk 0191 227 6687
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