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Ensure you are effectively and consistently managing work issues with our fixed-fee Covid-19 policy

07 Oct 2020

With continuing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and rapid changes of rules and regulations, it is essential that you have in place guidelines dealing with work-related issues caused as a result of Covid-19.

Our fixed-fee Covid-19 policy will give you the peace of mind that the measures you have in place are actively mitigating the spread of coronavirus and are complying with government guidelines. Our policy will set out your approach in relation to:

  • When to self-isolate
  • Workplace safety and hygiene (to sit alongside your risk assessment)
  • Working from home
  • Travelling and commuting
  • Sick leave and pay arrangements

How we can help
If you would like a copy of the policy, please contact Tom Clarke.

We are also very busy advising in respect of  the Job Support Scheme, furlough leave, flexible furlough, redundancies and changing terms and conditions of employment. Please give us a call if we can help your business at this difficult time.