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Five figure settlement following substandard gynaecological care

03 Mar 2020

Lauren Hall, Senior Associate in our Clinical Negligence Team at Hay & Kilner, acted on behalf of a Claimant who has received a five figure settlement following substandard gynaecological care.

The Claimant was concerned she had developed a vaginal prolapse which was impacting on her day to day life. She also reported a degree of stress urinary incontinence but the prolapse was her main concern. She was referred for tests and in 2015 the Claimant was advised to proceed with a prolapse repair and to undergo a tension free tape (TVT) insertion to improve her stress urinary incontinence at the same time. The Claimant was not advised of alternative conservative or surgical treatments and states she was not appropriately advised of all of the risks of proceeding with a TVT.

Following surgery, the Claimant suffered a prolonged recovery and ongoing pain in her groin. She was ultimately diagnosed with chronic pain caused by the TVT. She was advised there was no guarantee that, if the TVT was removed, her pain would improve and there was a high risk of further damage if removal was attempted.

Medical Consent

The Claimant brought a claim against the Defendant alleging that, had she been appropriately informed of the alternative treatments which were available at the time and the risks associated with TVT procedure, she would not have agreed to the surgery.

Whilst the Defendant denied liability, ongoing negotiation following service of the Letter of Claim resulted in a five figure settlement award reflecting the Claimant’s pain, suffering and loss of amenity, loss of earnings and cost of care.

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