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Furlough Update: Notice periods and Holidays

07 Jul 2020

Many employers are now looking at reducing staff numbers, including those still furloughed. If you have this in mind please be aware that there is some concern whether employers can claim furlough pay during notice periods because the new Treasury Direction states the purpose of the scheme is to help to “continue the employment of employees in respect of whom the CJRS claim is made ….” so arguably not those whom the employer has or intends to make redundant. Please let us know if this is something you require advice on.

There has also been updated guidance on holidays during flexible furlough which confirms that, while holidays can be taken while on furlough, employees should not be placed on furlough for a period simply because they are on holiday for that period. We can assist with this and the new ‘flexible furlough’ agreements employers need to provide, so please get in touch.





You can also contact us to to see how we can help you with ‘emerging from lockdown’.