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Information for visitors and clients to our offices (please note there is separate information for suppliers making deliveries /collections)

10 Aug 2020

Visiting our offices

Whilst under normal circumstances we would be delighted to welcome you, please for the time being do not visit our offices unless you have a pre-arranged appointment.  Meetings in our offices should only take place where the use of video conferencing is not practical.

Before you attend your pre-arranged appointment

Twenty-four hours before visiting our offices, you will be asked to confirm in writing that you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and that you have not been exposed to any potentially high-risk circumstances. You will also be asked whether there are legitimate reasons why you do not have to wear a face covering when attending our offices and, if so, what those reasons are.

Arriving for your pre-arranged appointment

Friends and family – Only those who are required to attend the meeting should attend our offices.

Face coverings – Unless you have a legitimate reason not to wear a face covering, please observe the government requirement to wear a face covering before entering our offices and keep the face covering on until you leave the offices. You may be asked to temporarily remove your face covering for identification/compliance purposes.

Social distancing – Please observe the government social distancing guidance when visiting our offices.

 Using the stairs, lifts and the common areas – Only one person at a time should use stairs and corridors.  If, however, people pass each other, they should turn away from each other.  The stairs rather than the lifts should be used if possible.  The lifts are to be used only by one person at a time unless those using the lift are from the same household or one person requires a second person to assist them in using the lift.

Reception areas – Please arrive at Reception at the time of your appointment so that you do not have to wait in Reception before your meeting and to allow for rooms to be cleaned properly between meetings. If you arrive more than 15 minutes early, then we may need to ask you to wait outside the building while we prepare the meeting room for you.


Meeting rooms – Your meeting will be held in an appropriate meeting room with a specified maximum capacity to maintain social distancing.  Our meeting rooms will be cleaned thoroughly between each meeting.

Documentation – If you are required to sign documents during the meeting you should bring your own pen.  If you forget to do so, then you will be provided with a pen that you should take away with you.

Refreshments – Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer refreshments during your meeting.  If you require refreshments, then please bring these with you.

Toilet facilities – Only two individuals are permitted to visit the same toilet facilities at any one time.

General hygiene

  • Surfaces and touchpoints including door handles and light switches will be cleaned regularly with appropriate products.
  • There is signage throughout the office to help guide people on best practice in relation to hygiene, to remind people to wash their hands regularly and on all occasions after using the toilet and before eating, and to maintain a safe and secure workplace.
  • Gel sanitisers are available throughout the building.
  • Windows will be opened to provide ventilation.


If you wish to see our our Risk Assessment  click here