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North East woman receives £30,000 in damages after receiving negligent dental care

15 Aug 2017

Lauren Hall, Solicitor in our Clinical Negligence Team, acted on behalf of our client who was awarded £30,000 after her dentist failed to diagnose and treat gum disease.

Our client was a patient of her dentist for over 10 years. She regularly attended appointments and was often reassured that her dental hygiene was good.

In April 2014, she attended a dentist appointment complaining of problems with one of her front teeth which was throbbing and felt mobile. She was reassured by her dentist that there was no problem with the tooth and it would settle down. She attended again in May 2014, complaining of pain with the same tooth but again was reassured that nothing was wrong.

In October 2014, our client was seen by a different dentist within the same practice. She was advised that she was suffering from significant gum disease. This had not previously been communicated to our client. Understandably, our client obtained a second opinion from a different dental practice, who advised her that unfortunately as her gum disease had been neglected for some years, this had resulted in bone loss in a number of teeth and they would likely be lost.

We obtained copies of our client’s dental practice and dental hospital records, obtained independent expert medical reports and thereafter submitted a Letter of Claim to our client’s dentist. It was alleged that there were numerous failures to identify and treat gum disease, which resulted in bone loss. It was argued that our client would require extensive prosthodontic treatment and would likely suffer premature loss of her teeth requiring replacement with dental implants.

Dental equipment

Whilst liability was not admitted by the dentist’s insurers, we were successful in negotiating a settlement, to include compensation of £30,000 for our client’s pain, suffering and the cost of future treatment she would require. The Defendant’s insurers also agreed to pay our client’s legal costs and expenses.

If you have suffered as a result of dental negligence, please contact Lauren Hall, Solicitor in our Clinical Negligence Team

Email: lauren.hall@hay-kilner.co.uk

Call: 0191 232 8345