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Jessica finished sixth form in 2019 after studying A-Level Law, Business and History. She then went straight on to join Hay & Kilner as the firms first apprentice solicitor. Studying law at sixth form led Jessica to wanting a career as a solicitor, the work experience she then gained throughout sixth form and in other law firms confirmed this. Jessica is now delighted to be part of the Hay & Kilner Private Client team, where she will spend her first two years’ as she trains as a solicitor working towards her Law degree.

Outside of work, Jessica loves to travel and experience different cultures. In 2019 she went on an expedition to Nepal where she: volunteered in the local community for a week and went on a five day trek in the Himalayas where she reached heights of 3,800m! When she’s not off travelling (or at her desk working), Jessica has a passion for Running and has competed at county and national level in both track and cross-country.