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Jonathan CousinsSolicitor

Jonathan Cousins

Jonathan Specialises in Criminal Litigation.  He qualified as a solicitor in 2005 and has been a Court Duty Solicitor since 2007.   In 2010 Jonathan obtained Higher Rights of Audience and regularly appears in the Crown Court as a Higher Court’s Advocate.   Jonathan has appeared as a Higher Court Advocate in both the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

Jonathan is a committee member of the Criminal Law Solicitors Association and takes part in national campaigns to improve access to justice and the rights of Defendants in the Criminal Justice System.

Jonathan has long experience of representing Defendant’s in the full range of criminal cases from road traffic offences to the most serious cases of rape and murder.   Jonathan specialises in dealing with those charged with very serious sexual offences and Fraud.

Jonathan has a particular interest in the duties of the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to retain and disclose material that assists the Defence.  He has experience of a number of cases in which he has forced the Crown to provide material that has significantly assisted his client and cases in which he has prevented the Prosecution from proceeding with their case until they have done so.   While there have been high profile cases of disclosure failings in sexual cases, Jonathan believes that disclosure failings can happen in any case and that the Police and Crown Prosecution Service should be held to their disclosure obligations regardless of the nature of the case.

Jonathan is committed to presenting the best defence available for every Defendant, regardless of their history or background.  Jonathan believes that the key to successful criminal defence is meticulous preparation and attention to the detail of a case.   Jonathan believes that every case requires through attention and preparation regardless of its seriousness.


  • "Jonathan was second to none, and I am extremely grateful that I had his representation.  Jonathan surpassed my previous experiences of other firms on a number of levels.  His communication was a refreshing change, his preparation was meticulous and his ability to assist me in understanding the processes clearly, was reassuring."

    - Client of Jonathan Cousins

  • "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I know it is your job and you do it everyday but you will never ever know how much I appreciated your help."

    - Client of Jonathan Cousins