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Lewis CarrCrime Manager


Lewis heads up our busy Police Station practice. He provides a first class service to our clients and has a wealth of experience advising on all types of criminal investigations. He has been involved in many high profile homicide investigations, complex fraud proceedings, historic ‘cold case’ investigations and motoring investigations.

Lewis is available to speak to and to provide representation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 07800 995 885.

Notable cases that Lewis has been involved in:

Police v P

P was accused of historical sexual assault on a family member.  Lewis ensured the police carried out further enquiries that would assist P, including a request that the police to obtain a particular witness statement. Police ultimately decided to take no further action.

Police v M

M had never previously been arrested and wanted to avoid such a distressing experience.  Representations made to avoid ‘ unnecessary’ arrest resulting in M attending for interview as a voluntary attender. This meant the matter would not be detected on a Disclosure and Baring Service check (CRB) that would have adverse consequences for the client’s future employment.

Police v D

D was accused of mistreatment towards a vulnerable person.  The client was provided with comprehensive advice and put forward a full account in interview. After representations to the police no further action was taken.

Police v C

C was arrested for assault. The evidence against C was compelling. C accepted responsibility for the offence but was keen to avoid going to court. Representations were made to the police and C received a simple caution that effectively brought the matter to a close at the police station.  C avoided a court conviction that would have had serious repercussions.