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Driving & Motoring Offences

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If you’re facing a charge for motoring offences, including driving without insurance, drink driving and/or dangerous driving, our specialist Driving Offence Solicitors can defend you and present your case in whichever court the case is being heard.

What types of Driving & Motoring Offences do you deal with?

Our expertise in driving offence claims include:

  • Drink driving offences;
  • Speeding offences;
  • Failure to identify a driver;
  • Dangerous driving;
  • Insurance offences; and
  • Applying to the Court to keep your licence when you are in danger of losing it.

We have an experienced team of Driving Offence Solicitors, who provide an expert service to motorists facing prosecution throughout England and Wales. Most road traffic cases conclude within 3 months of the initial court hearing. Driving and motoring offences can often involve complex and technical issues and the specialist knowledge that our Motoring Lawyers have can make the difference between a person keeping and losing their licence.

Whether presenting personal mitigation pleas, and/or arguing complex technical issues at trial, the benefit of a specialist motoring defence lawyer, experienced in dealing with traffic offences cannot be underestimated. We will support you at every stage of your case to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We will examine all aspects of your driving offence case, including potential defences presenting hardship and other arguments to help you avoid losing your licence.

Our costs for defending driving offences

We provide advice and assistance to those who are eligible for legal aid funding as well as on a private fee basis. Further information on our service can be accessed through the links below:

Private service excellence
Legal aid excellence

Driving & Motoring Offences Emergency Helpline

We operate a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year to ensure that our clients receive a first class service. Emergency telephone number: 07800 995 885

Notable cases our Driving Offence Solicitors have been involved in:

R v C

We persuaded the Magistrates not to disqualify our client by successfully arguing that our client was only driving over the limit in response to a genuine emergency.

R v J

We persuaded the Magistrates that the relevant documentation was not received by our client and that our client should be acquitted at trial of failing to provide driver details.

R v S

Although our client was guilty of causing a road traffic accident whilst driving under the influence of a cocktail of prohibited drugs, we submitted personal mitigation arguments as a result of which our client only received a community order.

R v G

We argued special reasons on the basis that our client was misled into believing she was entitled to drive, which resulted in our client not receiving a penalty points endorsement for an offence of no insurance.

We provide advice and assistance to those who are eligible for legal aid funding as well as on a private fee basis.

For those not entitled to legal aid funding, we provide our services on the basis of the following competitive and transparent fees:

Our costs for defending driving offences

At Hay & Kilner, we strive to be as open and honest as possible about our fees. Please click here to find further information on how much this work may cost you.

  • "A very professional outfit. Client care is placed at its forefront."

    - Chambers & Partners

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