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    If a family member or loved one dies as a result of negligent medical care, our experienced team of clinical negligence solicitors can guide you compassionately through the fatal injury claim process. We understand that losing a loved one is extremely traumatic and we are here to provide pragmatic legal advice in an empathetic and […]
    Are you concerned about the treatment you have received from your dentist? You may wish to bring a dental negligence claim but don’t know where to start. At Hay & Kilner, we can help you to take the first step. What is Dental Negligence? Dental negligence can occur where your dentist, NHS or private, has […]
    Pressure damage, pressure ulcers, bed sores, pressure sores… there are lots of different medical terms used to describe injuries to the skin and underlying tissue suffered by patients because of prolonged pressure on the skin. ‘Pressure damage’ can be distinguished from ‘moisture damage’ which causes injuries to the skin if the skin remains moist for […]
    Imagine the following scenario: one morning you wake up and sense that something isn’t right. You are not sure what – your legs feel weak, and you lose control of your bladder. You attend hospital and eventually you are diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome (a compression and swelling of the nerves at the lower end […]
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