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“How to…” HR training films for businesses

Business Employment

Our employment team provide a training service available to all sizes and types of employers. HR Showcase provides practical guidance for making stronger decisions and helps to minimise the risks inherent in managing a workforce.

We aim to make the learning process interesting, appropriate and practical. We offer a range of different training styles including seminars with interactive scenario based role plays, covering all HR related topics for groups of managers and for personal individual development. Some of our popular sessions are shown in the videos below.

For further information, please email: hrshowcase@hay-kilner.co.uk

How to conduct a performance management hearing

The following programme deals with underperforming employees. The way in which an employer handles performance management is key not only in resolving the performance issues but also in minimising the risk of claims being brought. This programme shows a director conducting a performance management hearing, which leads to an employee being disciplined for poor performance:

The perils of social media in the workplace

Social media creates challenges as well as opportunities for any business. Our employment team features in the following video links in which a director and his solicitor meet to discuss how to address social networking boundaries and one particular employee who has already overstepped the mark:

Dealing with difficult employees

The following programmes demonstrate how to deal with an employee whose unacceptable behaviour has resulted in potential loss of business, a falling out with other staff and a client who no longer wishes to deal with him: